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Stewart Signs Ltd
Trafalgar Close
Chandler’s Ford Industrial Estate
Eastleigh, Hampshire
United Kingdom
SO53 4BW

Registered in England No 782263

VAT No GB 188 7627 03


Tel: +44 (023) 8025 4781
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Managing bus notices

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Transport for London

What we did

Management of bus notices and labels


Client: Transport for London (Surface Transport)

  • In 2007, TfL appointed Stewart Signs to roll out and maintain their new brand and information notices aboard 9000 buses serving London.
  • The diverse fleet, managed by multiple operators, is required to display mandatory safety notices at all times, facing penalties for noncompliance.
  • In 2017, TfL nominated Stewart Signs for both Best SME and Best Innovation at their annual supplier awards.

The Challenge

  • TfL wanted to improve the passenger journey by providing consistent brand and network information.
  • They needed to be kept informed of all posting activity to be certain of meeting operational goals and regulatory compliance.
  • With no record of what was already on the buses, some suppliers had been applying their own versions of labels and notices.
  • Many labels were in the wrong format, colour or position, creating a confusing and inconsistent environment for passengers.

The Solution

  • Stewart Signs began by producing a complete database of all buses, noting the existence and location of every label by physical audit, giving each completed bus a unique ID.
  • To supervise the standards, Stewart Signs audit buses at operator depots usually at night, to avoid service disruption, communicating information directly from handheld devices to the database.
  • The continuous flow of data from Stewart Signs installers maintains a live database of tracking locations and audit status for efficient and responsive solutions to TfL requests, i.e. promotional advertising changeovers.
  • A dedicated TfL web portal provides all the information and guidance needed for builders, operators and repairers to maintain the new standard.
  • The web shop allows repairers and operators to obtain the correct parts rapidly without having to stock items, removing the risk of obsolescence.
  • For total fleet consistency, Stewart Signs manufacture, store and collate all the graphics in-house to ensure specification compliance and immediate availability.
  • Specifying the correct materials for consistency and longevity. Stewart Signs take a whole-life approach, knowing that if a cheaper product fades, lifts or cracks, or is difficult to apply or remove, it will add to the overall contract costs and defeat the consistency and compliance objectives
  • With TfL’s recent budget cut, Stewart Signs continued to proactively seek out ways to offer a more cost-effective service, which accumulated direct savings of almost half a million pounds.

The finest example of an industry leader. No request, regardless of how urgent or difficult is too much for Stewart Signs.

Service Delivery Manager

Transport for London (Surface Transport)

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