Magnetic Sheet Care & Application

0.85mm thick magnetic sheet is recommended for all vehicles due to the varying paint thickness.

Re-painted vehicles surfaces and those of new cars should be avoided for three months and must be hand wax polished where the sign is fitted to seal the surface. Remove frequently to allow  the ultra violet light of the sun to evenly bleach the panels.

Remove any “road film” or dirt before applying or re-applying the sign to the vehicle.
Smooth out and remove any wrinkles or bumps when applying which might catch the wind, especially along the forward facing edge.

Wash the sign regularly in lid detergent to remove dirt and wax. Polish paintwork before replacing.
Avoid cleaning fluids, petrol, acetone, benzine, chlorinated solvents. Diluted acids or alkalis have no effect.

Lay flat when not in use; roll up loosely, white vinyl side outwards.(You can use a cool iron to remove accidental wrinkles.) During cold weather allow sign to uncurl in a warm atmosphere.