General Application Instructions

This page is intended as a guide to the general principles of applying pre-spaced emblems. For large emblems or for applying across compound curves we recommend seeking expert advice first.

Step 1

Thoroughly clean, degrease and dry the application area prior to application. Silicone agents, grease and fingermarks will prevent proper adhesion. Do not attempt a ’wet’ application. If the vehicle has been recently resprayed ensure that the paint has had enough time to harden properly.

Step 2

Remove masking tape on the right side of the hinge. When removing the masking tape peel back gently at an acute angle. Peel back the backing paper on the right side of the hinge and cut it with a knife (do not tear as this will leave paper fibre residue).

Step 3

Squeegee firmly from the hinge outwards holding the film taut. Avoid trapping air or wrinkling the film. Do not let the film touch the surface of the vehicle in advance of the squeegee. Never use a rag or soft pad to apply the decal. Always use a squeegee. Firm pressure is essential.

Step 4

Remove the tape hinge then peel off the left hand side of the backing paper. Squeegee the film down as this is done.

Step 5

Remove the carrier paper, peeling back at an acute angle, then firmly re-squeegee the decal using a frictionless sleeve over the applicator to prevent scoring.

Step 6

Ensure that the mark is firmly adhered overall, particularly around the edges. Prick any bubbles with a pin and squeegee once more.