London buses to be colour-coded just like the Tube

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In a major new project, Stewart Signs have been colour coding London buses with graphics to match route maps, assisting TfL’s bid to make it easier for the 2.4billion passengers who use the network to get around.

Don’t worry, they will still be red, it’s just the route that will change colour.

The picture above shows how it will work – the bus has light blue numbers and colour flashes to match the light blue of the associated route (see map).

Stewart Signs who already manage notices and labels aboard over 8000 buses in the capital, are rolling out the graphic makeovers taking place in Barkingside, East London, already transforming more than 60 buses affecting Romford, Walthamstow, Ilford, Loughton and Barking.

According to the Mayor’s office: ‘The buses and stop signs will be marked in their identifiable colours and the main destinations and interchanges will be listed on the side of the buses.

‘This will simplify use of the bus network in local areas as passengers will be able to tell, at a glance, where the bus will go.’

Stewart Signs are working to follow up the initial phase with more designs across the city featuring main destinations on the sides of buses to help passengers.

Sadiq Khan said: ‘By bringing these new distinctive route colours to areas of the network, we’re making it as easy to navigate areas of London by bus as it is by Tube.’

TfL said that bus passenger numbers have fallen and there can often be confusion over which is the right bus to catch.

We hope that this change will make it easier for people.