Create more memorable brand interactions with Out-of-Home ads

POSTED 24.05.22


Out-of-home (OOH) advertising makes up to 30% of people’s daily media consumption, making it one of the most effective ways to engage multiple demographics in an urban environment. As one of the oldest forms of marketing, OOH has not lost its relevance. Here’s why you should consider using OOH for your next campaign and what results you could expect.

A platform your audience will trust

Consumers respond negatively to advertising efforts that ambush them in their free time. In a market flooded with digital and in-home marketing efforts, OOH advertising appeals to consumers in a less obvious way.

According to research, 82% of consumers trust print and outdoor advertising the most when making a purchase decision. Seeing adverts in print or in real life gives them more credibility than adverts that pop up online.

OOH advertisement in a station tunnel

Media reinforcement

OOH advertising is difficult for consumers to avoid. Using ad blocking software or changing a channel is not an option for outdoor marketing. OOH advertising, while always being switched on, is a less intrusive form of marketing that will not annoy your target audience.

On average a consumer needs to view an ad 7 to 8 times before it sinks in. With your OOH advertisement always on display when your target audience commutes, shops, or takes a stroll, you’ll rack up the view count in no time.

Train ststaion OOH advertising

Build your brand identity

Outdoor advertising can help you build solid brand familiarity and recall. OOH advertising works great when paired with other forms of media. Thinking about running a TV or radio ad? Combine it with outdoor advertising and solidify your brand awareness and exposure.

OOH marketing doesn’t just mean a billboard on the side of the road. The rise of digital media has revamped the OOH advertising scene. Consider making your advert more engaging by giving your audience a chance to interact with it in real life or digitally.

Interactive OOH advertisement

Making the most out of your money

OOH advertising is a goldmine for your ROI goals. Research shows that outdoor marketing is more effective at driving online activity than TV adverts. With screens overwhelming consumers, OOH marketing offers a more traditional yet stimulating advertising experience. This will make sure your campaign has a higher impact at a lower cost.

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